In april, we decided to visit the Caucasus. We booked a flight to Yerevan, where we spent a few days, before we rented a car to drive to Tbilisi in Georgia, and back to Yerevan.

Driving in Caucasus is a bit of a struggle. The traffic and drivers isn’t the big problem in Armenia. It’s the roads. Unless you take one of the few stretches of highways, you will be driving on roads completely covered in potholes. Distances which would’ve have taken you 30 minutes on a normal road, will take you an hour to one and a half hours. But, it does give you some amazing views as you get closer to the north, and the mountains start surrounding you.

If you ever visit Armenia, I highly recommend visiting Khor Virap and Lake Sevan. These are probably the most touristy destinations of Yerevan, but I can see why – it is stunning!

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