In april, we decided to visit the Caucasus. We booked a flight to Yerevan, where we spent a few days, before we rented a car to drive to Tbilisi in Georgia, and back to Yerevan.

After a long day on the road from Yerevan, we finally reached Tbilisi. We booked an apartment, centraly located in walking distance of the Old Town.

Tbilisi is a really nice city, influenced by their geographical position between east and west. Tbilisi offers great sights, such as the Bridge of Peace, the Rike Concert Hall, the view from Mtatsminda Park, Sameba Cathedral and the cozy streets of the Old City.

If you’re a foodie, Georgia also offers great dishes, and the whine is amazing!

After spending a few days in Tbilisi, we continued our journey. Chiatura is an old soviet mining town, still operating, though on a small level. This small town is known for having the first cable cars of the soviet union, today known as the “Flying Coffins”. Just a 30 minute drive away, you will find another cool sight, the Katshki Pillar!

After a long day on the road, we spent a night in Kutaisi, wanting to go to Martvili Canyon. To our surprise, this beautiful natural attraction was closed due to heavy rain, so, we turned around to go to Vardzia in South-West Georgia.

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