In 2013 I asked my family if they wanted to go on a vacation together. My mother, who had never traveled outside of Scandinavia, was at first nervous, but after a few days, she decided to conquer her fear and anxiety of airports and flying and joined us.

My plan was originally to take a trip from Hurghada to Cairo, to see the Great Pyramids, but as the revolution started when we was there, all tour operators cancelled any travel to Cairo.

Instead, we got a relaxing vacation by the beach. We took a boat out in the Red Sea to snorkel, swim and to see dolphins, as well as a quad bike trip into the desert.

The trip didn’t go according to my plan, but we ended up with a relaxing vacation, with nice memories together I will never forget.


My first real travel experience was in 2011, when I was 18. Before this, I had only been to Greece and Cyprus with my family, and a trip to Germany with the same friends a year earlier, to visit an exchange student who used to live in my town.

So, we searched the big Internet, and found a cheap deal to Agadir, Morocco. Our plan was just to relax by the pool, eat good food and have fun.

That all changed two days after arrival, when we met Abdel. Abdel stood by the beach promanade, advertising his travel agency. At first, we tried to shake him off, as most beach advertisers. Just as we were about to leave, Abdel asked; Don’t you want to see the great Sahara? At this point, he certainly caught our attention. We asked for his business card, and told him we had to discuss it between us.

Later that evening, we contacted him, and told him we’re in!

First stop on our way, was 30minutes outside Agadir to see the famous tree climbing goats.

After admiring the goats, it was time for some hours on the road, through deserts, small villages and along the powerful Atlas Mountains. For anyone interested in this route, I recommend a small stop in the town square of Agdz. They offer some great food here, where you on one side of the square can buy fresh meat, and on the other side, be able to grill it.

Finally, after almost 10 hours on the road, we reached our destination, in the dark. It wasn’t until the next morning, as we walked out on the motel roof for breakfast, that we saw the amazing sight of the Sahara Desert.

On our way back to Agadir, our driver chose a different route, so that we could also see Todra Gorge, a night in Ouarzazate, and finally back to Agadir.

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